Sasquatch Water Polo Team Wins Half Their Games In Arizona, Yet Somehow Crowned Tournament Champions

In a stunning result, Sasquatch IPA proved champions of the Desert Duel for the eighth straight year in defeating Oregon State University and Team Of Texas (TOTEX).

Scottsdale and Make Arizona Great Again defeated Sasquatch in the preliminary games, but as IPA veteran driver Shawn Turner stated, “That don’t mean $&#%”.

Up next for Sasquatch is a defense of their Seafair open water title in early August.

Practices continue through the spring and summer and social team VP Mike Emery continuely reminds members to focus on the future. He pointed out, “Just because we’re champs doesn’t mean we need to be nice.”

  • Scottsdale (11) vs Sasquatch IPA (6)
  • MAGA (7) vs Sasquatch IPA (5)
  • TOTEX (8) vs Sasquatch IPA (9)
  • OSU (7) vs Sasquatch IPA (12)
2018 Desert Duel